Siemens’ line of Clinical and Financial solutions are designed to help your staff improve collaboration and manage patient information more quickly and accurately, while increasing your bottom line. This allows you to streamline data collection, increase transparency and accountability, monitor organizational performance and identify opportunities for organizational improvement—all the while enhancing the quality of care you provide. The Siemens Practice at The Informatics Group has real world experience in making sure your Siemens solutions are implemented and optimized to best suit your organization’s needs.

The Informatics Group’s Siemens practice includes senior consultants who have extensive experience implementing, supporting and upgrading a full range of Siemens Clinical and Financial solutions.

Our expert consultants can help you achieve success using Siemens new and legacy Clinical and Financial applications. We have provided experienced consultants that have implemented the following modules:


  • CPOE
  • Med/IV Orders
  • Nursing Documentation and Assessments
  • OAS Gold
  • Orders
  • Patient Management
  • Patient Accounting
  • Quality Reporting Service
  • Resource Scheduling


  • Clinical Solutions
  • Financial Solutions
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Quality Reporting Service

Other Siemens applications

  • AD HOC Wizard
  • Clinical Observations and Results
  • Enterprise Access Directory
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • HDX
  • Lifetime Clinical Record
  • Net Access
  • Project Management
  • Siemens Lab
  • Siemens OPENLink
  • Siemens Pharmacy/Med Administration Check
  • syngo

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