McKesson’s range of solutions automate and streamline many clinical and financial functions of your healthcare organization: prescription management, diagnostic order entry, results reporting, encounter documentation and clinical workflow management. This allows you to provide faster, safer patient care. Implementations, upgrades, and optimization of your McKesson projects will include fluctuations in resource needs. Consultants from The Informatics Group, many with Clinical and Financial backgrounds, are ready to bridge the resource gaps.

The Informatics Group’s McKesson practice includes senior consultants who have extensive experience implementing, supporting and upgrading a full range of McKesson Clinical and Financial solutions. Rely on our consultants to help automate processes that have typically required many hours of administrative time, enable your staff to do more in less time and realize your ultimate goal of achieving better patient outcomes.

Our expert consultants can help you achieve success using many McKesson applications and modules, including:

McKesson Horizon

  • Horizon Ambulatory Care
  • Horizon Admin-Rx
  • Horizon Cardiology
  • Horizon Care Alerts
  • Horizon Emergency Care
  • Horizon Expert Documentation
  • Horizon Expert Notes
  • Horizon Expert Orders
  • Horizon Lab
  • Horizon Meds Manager
  • Horizon Patient Folder
  • Horizon Physician Portal
  • Horizon Practice Plus
  • Horizon Surgical Manager

McKesson Pathways

  • Pathways Contract Management
  • Pathways Financial Management
  • Pathways Healthcare Scheduling
  • Pathways Materials Management

McKesson Paragon

  • Paragon Business Office
  • Paragon CPOE
  • Paragon Emergency Department
  • Paragon HIM
  • Paragon Inpatient Physical Rehab
  • Paragon Laboratory
  • Paragon Operating Room
  • Paragon Patient Access
  • Paragon Pharmacy
  • Paragon Radiology

McKesson Practice Partner

  • Practice Partner Appointment Scheduler
  • Practice Partner EMR
  • Practice Partner Medical Billing
  • Practice Partner Patient Records

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