Epic’s EMR solutions are designed to increase your productivity by simplifying the most important patient-facing elements of care delivery. These friendly, intuitive systems install easily and can be readily configured to meet specific workflow requirements. Instead of starting from scratch, Epic allows you to build on content from successful customers—including decision support, order sets, reports and documentation tools.

Our Epic Certified consultants have extensive experience managing, building, training, supporting and upgrading a full range of Epic EMR modules. Our expert consultants can help you achieve success when implementing the following Epic modules:

  • Epic ADT/Prelude
  • Epic ASAP
  • Epic Ambulatory
  • Epic Anesthesia
  • Epic Beacon
  • Epic Beaker
  • Epic Bridges
  • Epic Cadence
  • Epic Cardiant
  • Epic Chronicles/Cache
  • Epic Claims
  • Epic Clarity
  • Epic HIM
  • Epic Inpatient
  • Epic Identity EMPI
  • Epic MyChart
  • Epic Kaleidoscope
  • Epic OpTime
  • Epic Phoenix
  • Epic Radiant
  • Epic Reporting Workbench
  • Epic Resolute Hospital Billing
  • Epic Resolute Professional Billing
  • Epic Stork
  • Epic Tapestry
  • Epic Willow

Would you like to keep our consultant on your team to implement another module?
The Informatics Group has a training agreement in place with Epic which allows us to send our consultants to Epic for new certifications at no cost to you.

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