Direct HIT is our exclusive, one-of-a-kind method for finding the perfect consultant to meet your needs. The three-step approach helps us successfully align our Healthcare IT experts to your unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit every time.


A successful match starts with a thorough assessment. We listen carefully to what you’re looking for so we can best meet your needs. Gaining a clear understanding of your goals and requirements allows us to hone in on the ideal fit for the position.

Our Skills:

  • An exclusive focus on the Healthcare IT industry
  • A deep understanding of Healthcare IT issues and challenges
  • Insight to translate your requirements into your best possible match


Our exclusive focus on Healthcare IT has allowed us to develop a broad and deep pool of the top industry experts. We look for extensive training, certification and multiple site experience to find you a consultant with exactly the right qualifications.

Our Resources:

  • Proprietary database of top-notch experts
  • Wide-ranging industry outreach
  • Expert assessment of applicable skill sets


We provide you with qualified consultants ready to make an immediate impact. Because we evaluate our informaticists on a more comprehensive level, you’ll get exactly the right person for the job. We’ll also provide multiple options, so you can compare candidates before you decide.

Our Results:

  • Prescreening to determine interest, fit and availability
  • Thorough reference and background check
  • A choice of several consultant options